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THE FAMILY COURT PROJECT HAS COME TO A CLOSE. Effective 6/1/08, Family Court Chronicles has become inactive (announcement), and no new information will be added. The page below is retained for archive purposes, but it could be out of date. Upon request, the webmaster will continue to correct significant errors and will consider removing information that is destructively obsolete. (Email: FamilyCourtGuy (at) See Glenn Campbell's home page for his still-active websites.
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Obsolete Page

This is one of many documents that we have "abandoned," at least for the time being. It may not be finished, and the information may be out of date. Any opinions expressed may not reflect our current thinking right now. We have left this document here for whatever use you may get from it, but we haven't had time to refine or support it.

If you have new comments of your own, you should add them to the page of our website they are most relevant to, probably in the entity file.

In the course of maintaining this website, we receive a lot of emails from people who have grievances against the Family Court and Child Protective Services in Las Vegas. Many people believe that they or their children have been unfairly treated by the system. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to evaluate each case or find out what is really going on. However, we can provide this page where people can express their comments, good or bad.

If you have something to say about Family Services in Las Vegas (nowhere else)—or about this website—send it to us via this page.

Any additions to this page will be reported in the Website Change Log. See our Confidentiality Policy for how and when we will use submissions like this.

5/17/07: DFS

We've been in las vegas two years. People flock here because they think there is great opportunity. If you have the money that might be true. But to come here with your family, living paycheck to paycheck is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. My kids got snatched a year ago by DFS the people that were supposed to be helping us. We've been playing their damn games and all our wonderful case worker wants to do is terminate our parental rights. If the judge wouldn't have said in court that he wasn't going to take our kids away forever just because we were poor, we wouldn't be parents anymore. We live and breathe for our kids and are tired of being screwed around by this broken system. It's not my family's fault that they closed some cases and some kids dies. Why does my family have to pay for THEIR mistakes?
— mother who has missed way too much of her children's lives

8/12/06: A Minnesota Experience

I am so sorry to read of your experiences. The loss of your daughter is very sad. I hope that she is indeed with a good family, and that someday you can be reunited with her.

I have had bad experiences with family court here in Minnesota. My wife left me 20 years ago, when our son was 5. She took terrible care of him, and he lived in what might generously be described as a sewer.

I contacted Child Protection, who called my ex and made an appointment to inspect her home weeks later. She and her parents cleaned up the mess and the inspection revealed no problems. This scenerio repeated a second time several years later.

The third time my son told me more details. My ex had many dogs living in her house, and she let them crap and pee all over the house without any attempt to clean it up. The carpets were soaked like wet sponges with pee. The crap piles were everywhere. The stench was horrible. Her water heater had broken months earlier, so no hot showers. Her toilet had broken months earlier, and was full of unflushed sh!t. My son was forced to pee in a sink, or hold-it until he got to school.

Finally I figured out that "Child Protection Services" is run by left-wing feminist women who seek to protect the ex-wife, and do not care at all about the child. So the third time I was ready. I had friends with contacts at a local TV station, and they were ready to send a news crew to her trash house to do a segment on Child Protection's failures. I contacted Child Protection, both in writing and over the phone, and told them of the problem, and threatened them with media exposure if they did not address the situation properly RIGHT NOW. My son moved in with me that day, and I became his custodial parent.

It took me 10 years to learn the real motivations of Child Protection, upon which I could finally derive an effective strategy to help my child. It hurts to think of the horrible situations my child was in during this time. Never, ever, trust child protection to do their stated mission!

I know that my son paid dearly for her mistreatment. I know that it has affected him for life. Yet, with love and care he is doing okay. He just graduated from college, and is back living with me while he looks for his first professional job. He sees his mom occasionally, but only meeting at a restaurant, never at her house.

6/24/06: A Happy Ex-Caseworker

As a former Case Worker for the old Nevada Division of Child and Family Services, I find this site great. There is so much that goes on, that the general public cannot fathom.

I left DCFS before the change over. My caseload was at 64 when I left, and I was just getting tired of not being able to keep up. I wound up working for a Private Non-Profit agency, (non-profit my ass), and found I was doing as much work, or more for less money. Since leaving, I have been observing the agencies through the media, and I am not impressed.

I am wondering if the merging of state and county social services was a good idea. At least with the state, we never had a 2 year old "dissapear" from a foster home. For the most part we attempted to do our jobs the best we could, only to get berated and humiliated by the Honorable Judge Gerald Hardcastle.

Thank God I am out of the mess now.

— Anonymous Feedback

6/16/06: A Poem

[Received anonymously]

What is passing in this state every day?
Children will be waiting for a home, a family, a mom and dad
Foster children, adoptive children waiting for a place so sad...
Every word we say it will be to hard
Every day there is no good news
Newspaper, TV, heart gallery...
Foster homes needed, adopt parents needed
Adopt sibs together...
Wednesday child every week
Latest news:
79 children officially dead
Director out of function
New director comes
Laws and protocols as HIPPA, ASFA, Heart team and a lot more
County commissioners, workers, supervisors, recruiters,
Attorneys, lawyers do I forgot some one it canÖ
All do what they can
What can they do more?
More better where can you start?
There is one answer... start by the begin start by the start
Laws, protocols... There are a lot but try to go back
And scrapped
And said what is needed for the best interest of the children
Accept that laws protocols are needed but it can easier
Is there someone they can start with this process?
Maybe itís an idea that someone outside can help to clear this
To send a message and write every day this and that it is no good but it is part one...
But try to help is part two... there is a way when you will find them and sure we will and we can...
Received the laws and protocols and around the table with all
It takes some time... but it can maybe in one year
Than it will be finished it will be clear.

A psychologist, a manager, an adoptive parent

6/15/06: "Fighting for Foster Families"

The stench of foul acts at the dept of family Service is so strong and far reaching there must be a full investigation by the feds. This agency should be scrapped and we need to demand all the old workers, management and judges handling these cases be dismissed. This is a National disgrace. The lives of children in foster care is not something egotistical workers and supervisors can manipulate to meet thier agendas. This must stop now! All people who care about children need to march on city hall. We need to take it to the streets. We need to call and write our Senators, Congressmen and the Director of Health and Family Services. A full Federal investigation is needed! Other elected officlas need to go too for allowing this to go unchecked for so long. Please vote! Please vote them a new long vacation. And we need to litigate. Paying out some healthy law suits might make the quickest changes over there. They are NOT acting in the best interest of children! They are distroying the lives of children and foster families.

5/22/06: A Jerk in Juvenile Court

"There seems to be a jerk wandering around the Juvenile Courthouse all right but it isn't Steve Hiltz."

"Kathy Espin" commenting on our Steve Hiltz page.
(Identity not confirmed. Possible web profile.)

5/21/06: A witch hunt should insue

"Rothchilds resignation and the hiring of Morton all began with the information of 79 children dying while under the supposed care of Family Services was released. Regardless of Morton's skills to handle the job why aren't the resposible case workers being held criminally liable for those kid's lost lives?? The fact that DFS got a well needed shake doesn't answer the criminal neglect by those intrusted with innocent children's lives. A witch hunt should insue, those case workers are the embodiment of evil and should be held accountable!!!"

—Anonymous comments on Morton Investigation

4/10/06: "What makes me cringe is everytime I have to pass by the dedicated statues in front of the family court doors. After you pass through security there are bronze figures of childrens' clothing without the child's body. The plaque reads 'Children are not invisible.' I am cringing now as I write this knowing that my three children have been invisibe to that court and that system for over 6 years. Their childhoods and my motherhood has been murdered and consumed by the Las Vegas Family Court and their inability to see my children, me or the monster they enable. The monster being my boys' father. If you know anyone who would like to help us feel free to contact me. I am dying to scream at the world how screwed up that court is and I want to sue the father in a separate civil and criminal case too. Anyway, I could go on and on but I just wanted to say that plaque is another lie that seems to elude the courts eye everyday and there it is at the front door! Sincerely, R104394 and D104394." —Email address available from webmaster

2/5/06: "We would have more foster homes in Nevada if DFS Administration overseeing Licensed and Adoptive homes treated those families with respect, dignity, and support. It doesn't even come close despite the BS PR put out to the public. Word of mouth is rampant with licensed and adoptive homes and those who are considering. Herein lies the largest barriers." —Anonymous

1/28/06: Hi Glenn,
I live up in Ely and ran across your website. I looked at it thinking you were a kook. But, after some reading I realized that your a very sensitive, empathetic human being. I'm ashamed I made those kind of judgements before reading your writings on family court and area 51. Thank you for bringing some of the insanity of our society into the light. Not many people have the courage to confront the powers that be and to stay authentic in their beliefs. I wish you peace and success in your all tour endevours. Nevada and the world needs people like you.
Tracy C.

1/14/06: "Activism takes on many shapes and forms. Positive activism seems to have much better results and that's why I and many others in this country volunteer and support CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). CASA volunteers advocate for the best interests of children in individual cases in the juvenile court system. It might have some value to you!

"FYI... I was offended by your flippant attitude toward what goes on in the juvenile court system [in the Weekend America interview]. The nature of the beast causes it to move slowly but with the diligent work of a CASA, it moves in a direction for the best interests of the child." —CASA Bob

12/24/05: "I have been in the system for 6 months now. My daughter, who was injured by her father at two months, was taken from my custody as well as her fathers when I tested postive for cocaine in the hair. Even though I was not at home when he hurt her I was still put on the case. That was fine because now I am clean and sober for 7 months now. I am getting my wonderful daughter back on 12/27/05. Our bond has now gotten stronger and she is doing just fine regarding the injury. I will thank God everyday that she's all right. I also thank God that I was able to straighten myself out. I have really stepped to the plate on this one, I believe. Everything the courts and CPS has asked me to do I have started and am on the verge of completing." -- MT

12/23/05: "You make me sick. As witty and fun as you may seem, I can read between the lines." — Anonymous feedback posting

7/23/05: Comment received from "spiritofsinsity" via Comment Box. Reprinted with permission.

7/20/05: Comment by Deanna Dunlop found at a website on child custody laws...

Because this website has been frozen, reader comments can no longer be added to this page (effective 8/3/09). If you feel that an existing comment is damaging or inappropriate, feel free to contact the webmaster regarding its removal: familycourtguy (at)

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