Media Day
June 23, 2006

Here are some random photos from a sentencing hearing in well-publicized juvenile delinquency case. We do not normally photograph court proceedings, but since the media was taking photos, we felt comfortable doing so. (We were only prohibited from photographing the defendant.)

These photographs are obviously not balanced or complete. For one thing, they are way too "happy". They show mainly the victorious D.A.'s side, not the defendant's side, which was considerably less happy. They may, however, provide a window into court proceedings and personalities.

The defendant's family and supporters pray outside the courtroom. The media, in turn, preys on them.

This is not the normal juvenile delinquency courtroom, but the set-up is the same. (The proceedings were moved to this larger courtroom to accommodate the expected media.) Seated at the nearer table are a probation officer (blue) and the Deputy D.A. (black). At the farther table are the defendant (obscured), his mother and his lawyer. On the far right is a newspaper photographer. There are two TV stations present, but the court allows only one camera to be used. (The second camera operator receives a feed from the first.)

The defendant's lawyer happens to be running for D.A., and the flyer that appears in the foreground is from his campaign.

Judge William Voy presiding.

Court Public Information Office Michael Sommermeyer, here to wrangle the media.

After the hearing, Channels 5 and 8 share a laugh while waiting to interview the Deputy D.A.

Mic'ing up.

Deputy D.A. Mary Brown.

Her best moment.

Upon leaving the Juvenile D.A.'s office.

A sneaky view of most of the office.

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