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Here are some more of our favorite photos that are not shown in the Family Court Portrait Album. Also see our non-court photos at

Juvenile Sentencing Hearing, 1/22/07. more

Juvenile Sentencing Hearing, 1/22/07. more

The Praise Angels, a church dance group appearing at an adoption fair, 9/10/05. more

Brigid Duffy, Deputy District Attorney for Juvenile Dependency, 6/16/06. more

From a community theatre production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 6/24/06. (Choreography by Juvenile Public Defender Kerri Maxey.) more

The webmaster's lost foster daughter, who he raised from the age of one month to 5-1/2 years. Due to caseworker incompetence, what should have been a simple case case dragged on for years. The webmaster's marriage eventually collapsed, and in Jan. 2004 the child was taken from the home. Following the removal, the caseworker spoke only to the wife and did not return a single phone call from the webmaster until the caseworker died 18 months later (probably from the pins that the webmaster stuck in his voodoo doll of her). The webmaster has never seen the child again or been permitted any contact. The child is now adopted by an unknown family. (The adoption was pushed through with unprecedented speed as soon as the webmaster started becoming an activist.) At a basic emotional level, this case is what drives your webmaster. more photos

Sample Photos from

At a high school carwash in Irvine, California, 7/8/06. more

"Pepper," a homeless dude living on the concrete bank of the Los Angeles River near downtown L.A. 7/9/06. more

Photographer self-portrait, 5/06. more

Same photographer, elated by the purchase of a new wide-angle lens, 7/21/06.

Also see our Family Court Portrait Album and our non-court photos at

All photos Glenn Campbell.

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