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Ex-Wife Responds

(Audio file will play in background.) When I wrote The Trauma of the Family Court Guy, I was hoping that my ex-wife wouldn't see it. Unfortunately, this morning (8/29/06) I got an an angry call from her demanding that I remove this page from my website. She called about ten times between 7am and 9am, but after the first call, I stopped answering. She left me three voice messages, however, and I have decided to post them here.

Her three unedited messages (about 2 minutes total) should play automatically in the background in this page. If you don't hear them within a minute, you can try playing the WindowsMedia sound file here. Since the sound quality is poor, a transcript is below.

My natural inclination is to do whatever I can to keep the peace with her, including suppressing my own viewpoint and interests, which I did for most of our marriage. Previously, when my ex-wife has ordered me to remove specific things from my website, I have eventually complied. At stake is the stability of both her and the people who depend on her. At this point, however, I feel that I need to hold the line. The trauma that turned me into the Family Court Guy is an essential part of my public story, and I can no longer keep it hidden.

I now feel that I am a public representative for everyone who has been through the kind of difficulties I have. Problems like mine are everywhere, in millions of marriages and divorces, but most people have no previous experiences to refer to. I feel that my own traumas must be dealt with openly to help those who are going through the same thing. My ex-wife's household may be disrupted, but I think other families will be helped by my choosing openness over secrecy.






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