(Opinion #35. March 3, 2008. Below is the complete 1-page newsletter. Also available as a pdf file.)
WORDS DON'T WORK - Slogans Won't Change Youth Behavior (Family Court Newsletter #35)

A 1-page flyer (Issue #35) distributed electronically and on paper at Family Court and the Clark County Government Center on March 3, 2008.

The full issue is available here as a PDF File (45k). (Requires Adobe Acrobat or equivalent, already installed on most computers. For authenticity, the newsletter should be printed on canary (yellow) paper.) Also available as a graphics file (.GIF).

    Words are popular because they are cheap. It costs almost nothing to invent a slogan and hold a press conference promoting it. The effort also plays well on the evening news because it gives the cameras something to record.

    Unfortunately, truly effective solutions to violence and drug abuse are expensive and not so visible. You canít just spew words; you have to change the environment.

NOTE: Due to high printing costs, distribution of this issue on paper will be very limited, but you are welcome to print it yourself and give it to whomever you like.

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