....especially Senator McGinness's!

A double-sided printed flyer (Issue #17) distributed at the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City on Feb. 6, 2007. (Distributed a few days later at Family Court.)

    This newsletter features a lead story on the juvenile smoking bill and a Page 2 story on the opening day of the Nevada legislature. (The photo on Page 1 refers to the Page 2 story.)

Available here as a PDF File. (Requires Adobe Acrobat or equivalent, already installed on most computers. For authenticity, the newsletter should be printed on canary (yellow) paper.)

  • Also see our other Newsletters.

  • Here is Text of Senate Bill #14 (pdf) and its current status. Also: Here is our Reference Page on SB14, which could have more links.

  • A public hearing was held on the bill on Nov. 8. Our editor attended and was the first to speak in opposition to the measure. The hearing is reported in this Nov. 9 article in the Rebuke Urinal.

  • GRAMMATICAL NOTE: We personally delivered this newsletter to Senator McGinness, who took it in good humor. However, during the course of the hearing, he pointed out to our editor that it should properly be McGinness', not McGinness's. Our editor said that he had thought "long and hard" about that extra "s" but had decided to keep it to avoid any possiblity of ambiguity.

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