Suppressed by the State!

A state DCFS worker tries to suppress distribution of our newsletter. Flips us off! We get it on camera in a series of 10 photos.

On 3/3/07, we decided on our own to remove our photos and delete the name of the worker (to erase him from Google). This person seems to have no significant role in child welfare, and we figure that it was time to set the matter aside.

(We have retained Suppressed by the County!, however—until we figure out what is going on at DFS South.)

Email us if you would like to see the original page.

—GC, 3/3/07

July 31, 2006, 12:30 pm: So here we are, minding our own business, putting printed flyers on the windshields of cars outside a county Family Services office at 6171 West Charleston Blvd. in Las Vegas. Family Services occupies three buildings on a state-owned campus mainly concerned with mental health treatment.

The flyer we are distributing is our Opinion #7: COMMISSIONERS REPLACED BY ROBOT CLONES.

After we have put about twenty flyers under the windshield wipers of cars closest to a county office (Building 15). An angry guy calls over to us from a balcony on another building and says that we can't put flyers on cars. "This is state property," he says.

We approach him, all friendly like, to respectfully say that we believe we do have the right to put flyers on cars, especially since it is public property. We ask him for his grounds under NRS for saying that we can't distribute flyers, but he doesn't provide any useful reply. He says he is going to call the police, and we invite him to do so. We ask him who he is, and he gives us his card. He is "[Deleted], Administrative Services Officer III, State of Nevada, Department of Human Resources, Division of Child and Family Services, Southern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services." We also give him our card, although he hasn't asked who we are. We continue with our distribution, and he storms back to his building, supposedly to call the police.

We spend about fifteen minutes putting flyers on about 100 cars that we suspect might belong to county workers. (We have no real interest in distributing to state workers.) The police never come. Once we are done, our main concern is that this angry man, whose turf we have obviously treaded upon, is going to remove all of our flyers and throw them away, negating our work.

We go back to the building that the man went into, which is apparently his office. Our intent is to give him a copy of our flyer so that he knows what it is about. We also want to ask him to not remove our flyers.

We tell the receptionist that we would like to speak to [deleted], and she goes into the back to fetch him. When he comes out he is not happy. We hand him our flyer and try to explain our intentions, but he is not interested. (We are not aggressive, honest!) He starts yelling at us almost immediately. He says he is going to take all of our flyers off of the cars and trash them. He comes up to us within a few inches of our face and calls us an "asshole" then flips us off.

An interesting employee for "Child and Family Services," is he not?

We don't have an audio record of the event, but after we gave him our flyer and he started yelling at us, we started taking pictures. (Our camera was hanging from our neck at chest level.) Our clicking shutter did not seem to diminish his aggressiveness.

We don't recall the exact words that passed between us. Our own rhetoric may have become somewhat heated in response, but we did not call him names or flip him off in return. (We knew that our camera was doing our work for us.) There was no physical contact between us, although he got very much "in our face" and was, in our view, in need of some anger management counseling (possibly available in the same state complex).

Below is our full sequence of photos. Note that we remain stationary, while he makes the aggressive moves toward us.

[The photos have been removed.]

This incident was later reported in a Las Vegas Sun story (8/3): Passing out fliers spurs parking lot altercation.

Also see: Suppressed by the County! (3 hours later).

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