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Articles and essays by Glenn Campbell on Family Court issues. Items in bold print are of universal human interest. Also see Philosophy Notes and Kilroy Cafe.

Barbara Buckley:
....The Sequel!

A 2-page printed flyer (Issue #16) distributed at the Family Court and other places on Jan. 16, 2007.

Available here as a PDF File (95k). (Requires Adobe Acrobat or equivalent, already installed on most computers. If you are unable to read the PDF file, here is the newsletter as JPG files.)

    Barbara Buckley is still the Number One enemy of child welfare in Nevada.....

    Now Buckley is bringing her horror show back to Carson City, as she assumes the role of Assembly Speaker, one of the most powerful and potentially destructive positions in the state. With her new-found political clout, she is pursuing a perverse agenda of “child rights,” no matter how many children she has to crush along the way.

    In a variety of crude and ill-considered legislation that she is clearly masterminding, Buckley is seeking to micro-manage Clark County child welfare from Carson City.


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