Family Court Chronicles

Full Website History

5/30/05: Website created as
5/31/05: Report #1 released
6/3/05: Add news article and analysis.
6/4/05: Add parent test
6/6/05: Add introduction
6/7/05: Add typical case (partial); add NRS statutes to law
6/9/05: Rearrange main page; update introduction
6/10/05: Add director's response to report
6/11/05: Add greatest fears (unfinished)
6/13/05: Work on Greatest Fears
6/14/05: Work on Greatest Fears
6/15/05: Add analysis of RJ article on parental rights
6/19/05: Revise Introduction; add many articles to News
6/21/05: Add org and news links for Child Focus
6/22/05: Minor
6/28/05: New articles and org links.
7/3/05: Created new website: The new site will be for general philosophical topics, such as triage, and will be cross-promoted from this site.
7/6/05: Expand Org links; add NYT article for Hardcastle.
7/8/05: Add links and articles
7/11/05: Add 'A Day in Family Court'; temporarily disable two unfinished essays until I can work on them.
7/13/05: Additions/revision to Day in Family Court
7/14/05: Begin transformation of into
7/15/05: Register; Major revisions to Chronicle #1; Start Introduction
7/16/05: Revisions to main page, intro, Cron#1
7/17/05: More revisions to main page, intro, Cron#1
7/18/05: More revisions to main page, intro, Cron#1
7/20/05: More revisions to main page, intro, Cron#1
7/22/05: Add news articles; start Cron#2: Juvenile Justice
7/24/05: Complete introduction
7/26/05: Add renaissance art; new hit counter; many minor text changes
7/27/05: Work on Chron#2: Juvenile Justice
7/28/05: Revise introduction
7/29/05: Revise introduction
7/30/05: Work on Chron#2: Juvenile Justice
7/31/05: Work on Chron#2: Juvenile Justice (Cave Man section)
8/2/05: Minor diddling in chapters
8/3/05: Add news articles
8/5/05: Add provisional paragraph on Romantic Love to Introduction (Well, I think it is funny.)
8/7/05: Add comments box to bottom of chapter pages; Work on Cron#2
8/8/05: Add news articles
8/9/05: Revision of 'Love' paragraph in Introduction. Have I nailed it yet?
8/11/05: Start Love chapter; update News.
8/12/05: Diddling with all sections.
8/13/05: Start Cave Man chapter
8/14/05: Work on Cave Man chapter
8/15/05: Work on Cave Man Primer
8/16/05: Diddling with all sections.
8/17/05: Work on Cave Man Primer
8/18/05: Activate Cast of Characters
8/20/05: Work on Cave Man Primer
8/24/05: Work on Cave Man Primer; add photos to news
8/25/05: Add standard header to all pages. Add About this project.
8/25/05: New graphic design for main page
8/26/05: Work on news and people
8/27/05: Split news page into two parts.
8/28/05: Work on introduction, adding images
8/30/05: Updates to news
9/1/05: Wrote letter to editor in response to 8/31 article on child left in car. See news
9/2/05: Work on introduction, Cave Man Primer
9/4/05: Extensive additions to news and organizations and people. Spent all day on this.
9/6/05: Minor stuff.
9/7/05: Work on Cave Man Primer
9/8/05: Court visit (14,15,1). Minor work on people.
9/9/05: Work on Juvenile Justice. Start new case in Voy's courtroom.
9/11/05: Add Photos from Adoption Fair; work on Org
9/12/05: additions to news; work on Org
9/19/05: Court visit (15, 17, CASA office). Revise law. Rename and revise The Tank (formerly Juvenile Justice).
9/20/05: "Caveman Primer" revised and renamed as The Barney Test
9/20/05: Create Courtroom 18; revises to main page
9/23/05: Add Soapbox section and Confidentiality Policy
9/23/05: Work on Barney chapter
9/24/05: Work on Barney chapter
9/25/05: Work on Barney chapter
9/26/05: Court visit (15). Updates to people and soapbox
9/27/05: Work on "How to lose your kids" (not yet public) 9/29/05: Work on OpEd piece.
9/30/05: Complete OpEd piece: Should We Cage Our Kids?
10/3/05: Start How to Lose your Kids in Nevada
10/5/05: Court visit (14).
10/6/05: Add symbols to people
10/7/05: Write 'Wednesdays Child' (not yet released)
10/8/05: Release Wednesdays's Child
10/9/05: Minor change to Wednesdays's Child; add Mental Illness category to news
10/10/05: Commentary on sibling case in news
10/11/05: Send in the Clowns
10/12/05: Send in the Clowns... There ought to be clowns.... Don't bother, they're here.
10/13/05: Court visit. Off-line distribution of "Clowns" as a flyer, labeled "Public Broadside #1"
10/14/05: Baby Lust
10/15/05: Add photo to Baby Lust; post Send in the Clowns as a PDF file.
10/15/05: Work on Manifesto (top secret)
10/16/05: Work on Manifesto (top secret)
10/17/05: Work on Manifesto (top secret)
10/18/05: Work on Manifesto (don't tell ANYONE)
10/19/05: Add comments to Hardcastle on People page
10/20/05: Limited release of Manifesto on paper only.
10/21/05: Add photos from Anti-court protest .
10/23/05: Add Glenn Campbell Personal Chronology.
10/23/05: New PDF file for Send in the Clowns (now displays as originally printed, with typos corrected).
10/27/05: Add my reply to Soapbox. Several additions to People.
10/28/05: Start Glossary. Got lots of plans for this section.
10/28/05: Release Patricia Photos.
10/29/05: Add Lawyers to Glossary.
10/30/05: Add Borderline Disorder and several other terms to Glossary.
10/31/05: Add paranoia Glossary.
10/31/05: We go "militant" on our main page.
10/31/05: Fix slideshow bug on Patricia Photos.
11/1/05: Publish Manifesto on Patricia Page.
11/3/05: Wrote a very short story: Sleeping with the Fishes�A Parable. What does it mean?
11/8/05: Issued, then withdrew, a press release entitled "Activist Banned from Courtroom." The primary issue was resolved.
11/8/05: Added "Pushing the Limits" section to the discussion of courtroom openness in Law.
11/8/05: Remove the last four pages of the Manifesto (unnecessarily bombastic).
11/12/05: Add Videotape Motion to law
11/13/05: Release first draft of The Campbell Plan
11/14/05: Underground stuff.
11/15/05: Underground stuff.
11/16/05: Several terms added to glossary
11/17/05: Underground stuff.
11/18/05: Underground stuff.
11/19/05: Create Soundbite Factory. Add "crocodile tears" and "the magic baby pill" to Glossary.
11/23/05: Add "I love you" to glossary
11/24/05: Work on glossary
12/3/05: Add domestic violence to Glossary
12/5/05: Add Ask the Webmaster
12/6/05: Add reality to Glossary
12/8/05: Add reality, metaphysical aspects of to Glossary
12/8/05: Add boundaries to Glossary
12/9/05: Visit CR 1 + 17 with press
12/10/05: Underground stuff.
12/11/05: Expand Doninger on People page.
12/12/05: Photo shoot with press. Expand Buckley on People page.
12/13/05: Multiple changes to People page.
12/14/05: Add creepy and spooky to Glossary
12/15/05: Jane Ann Morrison gets the full Campbell treatment in our latest blog entry.
12/17/05: Expand existentialism and several other entries in Glossary
12/18/05: A rather significant article on this website is published in the Las Vegas Sun.
12/19/05: Add Donna's House to Glossary.
12/21/05: Add Essay on Attachment
12/21/05: Add new Soundbites
12/25/05: Add Joint Custody to Glossary.
12/26/05: Add charity, graffiti and pigeon paradox to Glossary.
12/27/05: Add sex to Glossary.
12/28/05: Add judge to Glossary.
12/29/05: Add case law to Glossary.
12/31/05: Add engulfment to Glossary.
1/1/06: Add the identity engine to Glossary.
1/4/06: Recorded radio interview for Weekend America.
1/6/06: New page for Kevin Leik.
1/6/06: Add Child Advocate Program to Glossary.
1/8/06: Add Big Brother to Glossary.
1/9/06: Add DFS staff list
1/10/06: Add 'Til Death Do You Part to Glossary
1/11/06: Add lawyer, how to choose a to Glossary
1/12/06: Add judicial discretion to Glossary
1/14/06: Webmaster radio interview on Weekend America
1/14/06: Essay on evil added to Glossary
1/15/06: Add The Columbine Effect to Glossary
1/16/06: Add Wardship Terminated to Glossary
1/16/06: Major revision of Child Advocate Program in Glossary.
1/17/06: Add paradoxical attraction to Glossary
1/19/06: Dead girl found in trash: CHILD ABUSE SUSPECTED!
1/21/06: black hole added to Glossary
1/25/06: Expansion of Buckley and Bergeron in People.
1/26/06: A Sidewalk Appeal added to MediaStream.
1/26/06: Analysis of AWOL Court added to MediaStream.
1/27/06: Comments on Slain Girl added to MediaStream.
1/29/06: Essay on Freedom (unfinished) added to Glossary.
1/31/06: Add Foster Parenting Q & A
2/4/06: Create new index for Glossary
2/5/06: Comment on foster parenting added to Soapbox and Q & A
2/6/06: Comments on Infant Mortality added to MediaStream.
2/8/06: Where have all the Cowboys Gone? added to Glossary.
2/8/06: Juvenile Customer Service Representative added to Glossary.
2/13/06: First draft of Broadside #2 (offline)
2/14/06: Crisis Mode added to Glossary.
2/14/06: Responses added to "Baby Deaths" comments in MediaStream.
2/15/06: Distributed Flyer #2 at the courthouse: WITCHHUNT!
2/16/06: Sun vs. R-J: A Journalistic Exercise (on Bergeron case)
2/18/06: New headline index in MediaStream (click on any date)
2/18/06: Blog: Non-domestic TPOs in Family Court: Good Idea?
2/18/06: Add PDF file of printed flyer for Witchhunt!
2/19/06: Reformat Glossary
2/21/06: BAN GAY MARRIAGE! (Heterosexual marriage, too!)
2/24/06: Justice added to glossary.
2/26/06: The Matrix added to glossary
2/26/06: Begin reformatting of organizations. (Will eventually be similar to the People page.)
2/27/06: Comments on Meth Use in MediaStream.
2/28/06: Add Statistics page (to be expanded over time, with statistics from published sources)
3/1/06: Reformat People Page
3/1/06: Webmaster speaks at Kiwanis Club (first speaking engagement)
3/2/06: Reformat 2006 MediaStream
3/3/06: Reformat Home Page
3/5/05: Add Juvenile Public Defender to Organizations
3/7/06: Work on Organizations page
3/7/06: Rewrote My Experiences with Kevin Leik
3/9/06: Misc work on People page: Curila, Gonzalez, Marren, etc.
3/10/06: Add Failure to Maintain Placement to Glossary
3/10/06: Add Hardcastle's ruling on Bergeron (from 6/05).
3/14/06: Certification added to Glossary
3/16/06: Comments on graffiti added to News.
3/18/06: Create glossary prototype entry for Certification
3/20/06: "Send in the Clowns" Case Resolved... Sort Of
3/21/06: First use of yellow hiliting in MediaStream, an exciting new technology.
(If you don't see yellow hiliting in the line above, please tell us.)
3/21/06: We shift to the second person (we/us) and drop the first (I/me). We like it better that way.
3/23/06: We offer a penetrating analysis of a juvenile sexual assault case.
3/24/06: Working to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Terminology
3/24/06: Publishing the Names of Juvenile Offenders
3/26/06: Cads on Parade
3/27/06: Sounds added to main page and law
3/28/06: Photo added for Barbara Buckley, reflecting our new literary style
3/31/06: Rebuke Urinal added to organizations Did we go too far? No, never!
4/2/06: Steve Hiltz: Jerk added. Again, have we gone too far?
4/2/06: Fresh sound bite added to Soundbite Factory, our first in 3+ months.
4/2/06: Add review of Prevent Child Abuse Nevada
4/7/06: Some personal photos (and sounds!) from Moro Bay on the California coast
4/8/06: Raised by Mormons added to Media Stream
4/9/06: Implement Article indexing system
4/10/06: Add Ishi Kunin (hot chick) to People
4/10/06: New user comment in Soapbox
4/10/06: Revision About this Project including a new "Mission Statement"
An audio message for Pandora. Turn on your speakers.
4/19/06: We're back after a week-long vacation.
4/20/06: Add Coroner's Tour to Glossary.
4/20/06: Add Audio message to Phil
4/22/06: We're working on something big: Flyer #3. Probably coming on Weds.
In the meantime, updates to the MediaStream could be delayed.
4/26/06: Flyer #3: Barbara Buckley: PURE EVIL
4/27/06: Mini Flyer #3.1: Barbara Buckley's Opposition
4/30/06: Brought the April Media Stream up to date after a couple of weeks of neglect.
4/30/06: Add Rankings of Judges to Media Stream.
5/4/06: A Visit to Children's Court in Los Angeles (Trip report with photos.)
5/5/06: Add people entry for Thomas Morton, the County Manager's choice to head DFS.
(Subject to active revision today.)
5/5/06: All day, we'll probably be working on an evolving essay on Morton in our Blog
(Come back often.)
5/7/06: Thomas Morton: Out-of-the-Box Thinker or Academic Charletan?
5/9/06: Webmaster photos from Mont St. Michel, France
5/14/06: We're back! ...after a week on the run in Europe. It may take a couple of days to get
back up to speed. Back to the Morton investigation!
5/15/06: Our Thomas Morton Investigation continues, with several new sections added.
5/16/06: Corporate tax returns added to Morton investigation
5/17/06: Morton Detractors (Is That Us?)... added to Investigation.
5/17/06: Consultants vs. Leaders... added to Investigation.
5/18/06: Printed Flyer #4, distributed at courthouse: WAKE UP, PEOPLE!
5/19/06: Baird Replies to Sun Article added to Morton Investigation.
5/20/06: Improving our Negative Attitude added to Morton Investigation.
5/21/06: Personal photos from France (off-topic)
5/21/06: Reader comments added to Soapbox: Witchhunt
5/22/06: Reader comments added to Soapbox: A Jerk in Juvenile Court
5/22/06: Campbell responds to critics with his Photographic Resume
5/23/06: R-J article and TV interview added to Morton Investigation.
5/24/06: Add Morton Interview on Face to Face -- Very enlightening!
5/24/06: Add Morton Investigation has been split into two pages (as many as it takes)
5/25/06: Ad Hominem Argument added to Morton Investigation
5/26/06: Formal Congressional Complaint added to Morton Investigation
5/30/06: Photos from Slide Rock, Sedona (off-topic)
6/2/06: A Means of Evaluation added to Morton Investigation
6/3/06: National Resource Centers added to Morton Investigation
6/4/06: Space for Rent added to Morton Investigation
6/5/06: Reader Criticism added to Morton Investigation
6/6/06: Glenn Campbell speaks at the County Commission about the Morton nomination (3-minute audio).
6/9/06: Basis for "Congressional Complaint" added to Morton Investigation
6/10/06: Media Stream for June brought up to date
6/12/06: News Sources for Las Vegas added
6/15/06: Up to no good.
6/15/06: New Soapbox comments: Fighting for Foster Families
6/16/06: Reconstructed the People Page following the loss of part of it last week.
6/16/06: Brigid Duffy Faces the Media (photographs)
6/17/06: A reader's poem added to Soapbox.
6/17/06: Comments on Latest Bergeron Hearing
6/18/06: A Good Ol' Boy Network added to Morton Investigation
6/19/06: Printed Flyer #5: Why Not Wayne Newton? (On Thomas Morton)
6/20/06: Add Photo of Cherie Townsend (Juvenile Justice Director). A keeper!
6/20/06: Create new page for Best Photographs
6/21/06: A Routine County Commission Meeting added to Morton Investigation
6/21/06: Photos from County Commissioners Meeting
6/22/06: County Manager Resigns! added to Morton Investigation
6/23/06: Add photos for Mary Brown (DA) and Michael Sommermeyer (PIO)
6/24/06: Add photos for Media Day
6/24/06: A Happy Ex-Caseworker added to Soapbox
6/27/06: Lots of interesting news today in the Media Stream
6/27/06: Public investigation of Thomas Morton ends, as we prepare for war.
6/28/06: Start a Sound Bite Factory on the Morton page
6/29/06: Add More Quotes to our Soundbite Arsenal on Morton
6/29/06: Morton Agenda Confirmed for the July 5 Commissioners meeting.
6/30/06: Flyer #5.1: Del Vecchio for Supreme Court: What the Heck, Why Not?
7/4/06: Photo of Glenn Puit, court reporter for Review-Journal
7/5/06: Thomas Morton approved as DFS Director: Passivity on parade!
7/5/06: Remarks of Glenn Campbell before the County Commission (audio)
7/6/06: WEDDING PHOTOS from the marriage of Morton and Clark County
7/7/06: Implement new indexing system for Morton Investigation
7/8/06: Photos from a High School Car Wash in Irvine, CA (off-topic)
7/9/06: Create new website for off-topic photos:
7/10/06: A Change of Attitude added to Morton Investigation
7/11/06: Brought July MediaStream up to date.
7/11/06: Revisions to A Change of Attitude
7/12/06: Siege photos added to Morton Investigation.
7/13/06: He Starts Monday added to Morton Investigation.
7/15/06: Steve Hiltz returns to his rightful place as "Jerk"
7/15/06: Subtext of Commission Meeting added to Morton Inv.
7/16/06: Brought July MediaStream up to date.
7/17/06: Flyer #6: EARTH TO JUDGES (pdf)
7/19/06: Morton Agenda Item added to Morton Investigation.
7/20/06: Audio file of Campbell's 7/18 rant at the County Commission. Sneaky!
7/20/06: "Valentines Day": Photos from 7/18 commission meeting.
7/24/06: Rambling Philosopher #1: What is Borderline Disorder?
7/26/06: Restore Photos of Patricia, the webmaster's lost foster daughter.
7/26/06: Brief Patricia Summary added to Best Photos.
7/30/06: Morton's First Official Act: A Payoff?
7/31/06: Suppressed by the State! - A DCFS worker flips us off!
8/1/06: Suppressed by the County! - A DFS supervisor steals our flyers.
8/3/06: Rambling Philosopher #2: The Problems of Mentoring
8/5/06: Rambling Philosopher #3: Natural Morality
8/6/06: Rambling Philosopher #4: The Virtues of Homelessness
8/10/06: Morton Responds to "Payoff"?
8/12/06: A Minnesota Experience added to Soapbox.
8/15/06: Off-topic photos: Hogshooter, Oklahoma
8/17/06: Text of Warning Letter from Feds added to MediaStream.
8/17/06: Photo of Phil Campbell (snack bar propriator)
8/17/06: Photo Tour of Spring Mountain Youth Camp
8/18/06: Paranoia and What It's Good For
8/19/06: Practical Tips from a Homeless Dude
8/19/06: Paranoia extensively revised.
8/20/06: Why are we silent? added to Morton Investigation
8/20/06: Off-topic photos: Riverside Mountain Rescue Breakfast, Idyllwild, Calif.
8/20/06: Off-topic photos: Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Calif.
8/22/06: Where do Judges Come From?
8/23/06: The Alien Metaphor (philosophy)
8/24/06: A Meditation on Breasts: What Are They Good For?
8/26/06: The Buffet Dilemma
8/27/06: The Trauma of the Family Court Guy
8/28/06: Flyer #8: HELP WANTED: Mgmt. Staff for Mr. Morton
8/29/06: Ex-Wife Responds to "The Trauma of the Family Court Guy" (audio+transcript)
8/29/06: Analysis of Five-Point Plan added to Morton Investigation
8/30/06: "Rambling Philosopher" renamed to The Family Court Philosopher
8/30/06: Introduction revised
8/30/06: The Problems of Attachment (revised from last year)
8/31/06: News: Lawsuit filed against Family Services
8/31/06: Photos of Judge William Voy (juvenile delinquency judge)
8/31/06: Full Text of Lawsuit Filing A Family Court Chronicles Exclusive!
9/1/06: Revise The Trauma of the Family Court Guy (rather obsessively)
9/2/06: An Audio Message for Pandora (restored)
9/2/06: Many minor revisions to People page
9/2/06: Photo analysis of Department M Judicial Race Image is everything!
9/3/06: Blog comments on the departure of DFS staffers
9/5/06: Off-Topic: Photos from California
9/6/06: Philosophy: Metaphorical Expression
9/7/06: Philosophy: Amateur Photographer: Artist or Lech?
9/6/06: Philosophy: Evil Defined
9/8/06: Working on a print article, so web updates may be slow.
9/10/06: Off-topic photos: Primm 300 Off-Road Race
9/11/06: Blog comments: Del Vecchio harassment complaint
9/11/06: Blog comments: Truancy Bill
9/12/06: Morton: The Mother of all Plans � Coming Sooner!
9/12/06: Philosophy: The Tyranny of Leisure
9/14/06: Snapshots from the Trial of Judge Steven Jones
9/15/06: Philosophy: The Weird Calculus of Self-Reward
9/16/06: Photos from the Nevada Juvenile Defenders Summit
9/17/06: Philosophy #19: Data Obesity
9/19/06: Philosophy #20: The Investment Effect
9/20/06: Morton Monitor: Mother of All Plans presented to county commission
9/22/06: Flyer #9: I WILL BLOW UP FAMILY COURT
9/23/06: Campbell at Commission: Realist or Turncoat?
9/23/06: Steve Hiltz Caught in Parking Scandal
9/26/06: Philosophy #21: Triage
9/29/06: Major upgrade of
9/30/06: Add 'Law' category to Media Stream
10/2/06: Visual upgrade of Media Stream
10/2/06: Somebody Loves Bucky Buchanan!
10/3/06: Philosophy #22: Four Kinds of Crime
10/4/06: Photos of Richard Morgan, Dean of the Boyd School of Law
10/7/06: Philosophy #23: The Manipulator
10/9/06: Flyer #10: BAN GAY MARRIAGE (Heterosexual Marriage Too!)
10/10/06: Philosophy #24: The Futility of Law
10/16/06: Off-Topic Photos: Renaissance Festival
10/23/06: Flyer #11: Repent Now: THE CRASH IS NEAR
10/24/06: Family Court Story #1: A Life Saved
10/30/06: Flyer #12: LAWYERS CAN BE SAVED
11/13/06: Flyer #12.5: REVENGE OF THE GOD SQUAD
11/14/06: Philosophy #25: A Conundrum of Affection
11/15/06: Philosophy #26: Freedom... Burning a Hole in your Pocket
11/15/06: Photos: Photos from Adoption Day.
11/16/06: Philosophy #27: I'm Drowning, Don't Save Me!
11/18/06: Philosophy #28: The End of Rumination
11/20/06: Morton investigation removed. (It's time has passed.)
11/22/06: Philosophy #29: Why Do People Do What They Do?
11/23/06: Philosophy #30: One Tiny Moment
11/24/06: Philosophy #31: A Fork in the Road
11/25/06: Philosophy #32: Personality and Romance
11/26/06: Philosophy #33: The Nature of Desire
11/27/06: Flyer #14: ONE TINY MOMENT
11/27/06: Philosophy #34: How to Change the World
11/28/06: Philosophy #35: Capitalism Sucks
12/1/06: Philosophy #36: Calcifiction
12/1/06: Investigation: A Visit to the Williams Family Training Complex
12/2/06: Philosophy #37: Beyond the Prime Directive
12/4/06: Flyer #15: EVIL EXPLAINED
12/5/06: Philosophy #39: Theory and Reality
12/6/06: Philosophy #40: Playing God
12/7/06: Court Story #2: Incompetent Caseworker Alert
12/8/06: Philosophy #41: Stupid Should Hurt
12/9/06: Philosophy #42: The New Spartan Warrior
12/9/06: User comment system added to the end of most pages.
12/10/06: Philosophy #43: Wormhole Philosophy
12/11/06: Philosophy #44: Existential Enlightenment
12/12/06: Philosophy #45: Being of Two Minds
12/13/06: Philosophy #46: The Problem of Dependence
12/15/06: Philosophy #47: Understanding Consciousness
12/16/06: Philosophy #48: The Primal Conflict
12/17/06: Philosophy #49: The Nightmare Planet
12/18/06: Aerial Photo of Court Complex
12/20/06: New Sound Bite: �It is my job to say things that other people know but cannot say.�
12/20/06: Philosophy #50: The Volatiles
12/21/06: Philosophy #51: The Grudge
12/21/06: Blog: More Idiocy from Steve Hiltz
12/23/06: Philosophy #52: High Contrast
12/26/06: Philosophy #53: An Existential Crisis
12/27/06: Philosophy #54: Let's Dis' Christmas
12/28/06: Philosophy #55: How Do You Explain Color to the Colorblind?
12/28/06: MediaStream brought up to date (from 12/22)
12/29/06: Philosophy #56: Extreme Parenting
12/30/06: Philosophy #57: When Do Superheroes Do Their Laundry?
12/31/06: Philosophy #58: Self-Regulation
1/1/07: Off-Topic: New Years Eve on the Strip
1/2/07: Philosophy #59: Wasting Resources
1/4/07: Philosophy #60: The Matrix Revealed
1/5/07: Philosophy #61: Expressive Dissonance
1/6/07: Philosophy #62: What is Marriage?
1/7/07: News: Teen Prostitution Court in L.V. Sun
1/9/06: Blog: Media Excluded While Hiltz Entertains
1/10/07: Philosophy #64: A Valentine Dilemma
1/10/07: New Photo Album added to Patricia Page
1/11/07: Philosophy #63:Detecting Manipulators
1/11/07: Philosophy #65: A Terrible Male Affliction
1/12/07: Philosophy #66: Primping and Nesting Behavior of the Human Female
1/14/07: Philosophy #67: The Value of Money
1/15/07: Philosophy #68: The Professional Victim
1/16/07: Flyer #16: Barbara Buckley: PURE EVIL ...The Sequel!
1/16/07: Reader Comments on the 'Incomptent Caseworker Alert'
1/17/07: Blog: More Theatrics in German Case
1/17/07: Philosophy #69: The Power of Procrastination
1/18/07: Philosophy #70: Drug-Induced Personality Change
1/19/07: Philosophy #71: In Defense of Inquisition
1/20/07: Philosophy #72: Forgiveness
1/21/07: Philosophy #73: The Responsibilities of the Victim
1/23/07: Add Area 51 Section to home page
1/23/07: Photos from Juvenile Sentencing Hearing
1/24/07: Philosophy #74: Manifesto for the Anti-Marriage Revolution
1/25/07: Philosophy #75: Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby
1/27/07: Philosophy #76: Escape from Narcissism
1/28/07: Philosophy #77: Getting in Touch with Nature
1/29/07: Photos of Coyote Springs (off-topic)
1/30/07: Philosophy #78: Get Off the Bus, Gus!
1/31/07: Philosophy #79: Folie � Deux: The Exquisite Madness of the Family
2/2/07: Blog Comments on Caseworker Training
2/5/07: On the road to Carson City: Death Valley, Mammoth, Tahoe
2/6/07: Newsletter #17: SMOKING KILLS BRAIN CELLS
2/7/07: Photos: Opening Day in Carson City
2/12/07: Newsletter #18: Love is in the Air
2/12/07: February MediaStream brought up to date. New display options.
2/15/07: Blog: Attorney to be Roasted, RSVP
2/18/07: Blog: New Entity System Implemented
2/18/07: New Family Court Photo Album
2/20/07: Blog: Maple Star: A For-Profit Foster Care Agency
2/22/07: There are now 120 entries in the Entity File and growing!
2/24/07: Philosophy #81: Parental Justice
3/1/07: Newsletter #19: Hiltz Goes Global
3/3/07: There are now 50 photos in our Family Court Portrait Album.
3/8/07: Our Morton Investigation is back!
3/9/07: Newsletter #20: IT'S ALIVE (smoking bill)
3/11/07: Blog: Parental Alienaton: A Protest
3/12/07: SCANDAL!: Campbell Suppressed in Committee Hearing!
3/13/07: Tom Morton's Testimony (audio) added to the page above
3/15/07: Remembering the Child Haven Publicity Stunt
3/19/07: Newsletter #21: CHILDREN SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET (child welfare)
3/22/07: Photos: Court Protest
3/27/07: Expanded entity page for reporter Alan Maimon
3/28/07: Newsletter #22: YOU'RE AN ADDICT!
4/1/07: Off-topic photos: Robot Wars
4/5/07: Off-topic photos: Las Vegas Strip on NBA weekend
4/8/07: Philosophy #82: The Death of Free Thought
4/13/07: Newsletter #23: The Case of the Missing Mutt
4/20/07: Photos from Light of Hope Ceremony
4/24/07: Philosophy #83: Play vs. Entertainment
4/24/07: Off-topic Photos: Escondido Renaissance Faire
4/27/07: Philosophy #84: The Dilemma of Dependence
4/28/07: Philosophy #85: Socialization
5/7/07: Partial Opposition to AB147 (Child Haven Age Restriction Bill)
5/9/07: Opposition to SB356 (regarding removals from homes)
5/10/07: Philosophy #87: On the Training of Cats and Children
5/12/07: Philosophy #88: The Politics of Pair Bonding
5/13/07: Philosophy #89: The Case Against Marriage - Introduction
5/15/07: Philosophy #90: Super Person Saves the Day!
5/25/07: Newsletter #24: Guaranteed Lifetime Employment
6/3/07: Philosophy #92: Showdown at Morro Bay
6/10/07: Philosophy #93: A Caseworker's Nightmare
6/12/07: Email: Problems with Hearing Master Compan
6/25/07: Newsletter #25: BLACKLISTED but not broken
6/26/07: New additions to page 8 of BLACKLISTED newsletter
7/2/07: Newsletter #26: Jensen for Family Court Administrator
7/11/07: Newsletter #27: Certification Nightmare
7/16/07: Newsletter #28: Hardcastle Goes Back to Beanie Babies
7/19/07: Book Chapter: Welcome to the Community
7/20/07: Book Chapter: Sex and Intimacy
7/21/07: Book Chapter: Commitment and Negotiation
7/22/07: Book Chapter: Pair Bonding
7/23/07: Book Chapter: Freedom
7/25/07: Book Chapter: Boundaries
7/26/07: Book Chapter: A Wedding Disorder
7/27/07: Book Chapter: Theories of Romance
7/28/07: Book Chapter: A Bureaucracy of Two
7/28/07: Book Chapter: Communism
7/29/07: The Case Against Marriage: 3 Book Chapters
7/30/07: The Case Against Marriage: 3 Book Chapters
7/31/07: The Case Against Marriage: 2 Book Chapters
8/1/07: The Case Against Marriage: 2 Book Chapters
8/7/07: The Case Against Marriage #28: Death Benefits
8/8/07: Revised donation instructions
8/10/07: Off-topic photos: Santa Monica, Venice, Hare Krishna
8/30/07: Philosophy #94: The New Slavery
8/30/07: Philosophy #95: The Superhero Handbook
9/1/07: Photos from Washington, D.C.
9/7/07: MediaStream brought up to date.
9/10/07: Off-Topic Photos from Venice, Italy
9/11/07: Philosophy #96: Connoisseurs
9/15/07: Off-Topic Photos from Dublin, Ireland
9/19/07: Photos: O.J. Simpson Media Circus
10/13/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 4: Intervention
10/14/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 5: Your Career
10/15/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 6: Triage
10/16/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 7: The Malthusian Dilemma
10/18/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 8: The Prime Directive
10/19/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 9: Problems of Power
10/20/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 10: Beyond Triage
10/21/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 11: Superhero Burnout
11/5/07: Superhero Handbook, Chapter 6 (inserted): Infinite Need
12/10/07: Newsletter #29: The Great Vegas Crash Has Begun
1/8/08: Philosophy #97: Loneliness
1/9/08: Philosophy #98: The God Problem
1/14/08: Newsletter #30: Coroner's Program Ineffective?
2/3/08: Philosophy #100: Dysfunctional Families... Like Yours!
2/7/08: Philosophy #101: The Economics of Freedom
2/13/08: Newsletter #31: Review-Journal Sux!
2/19/08: Newsletter #32: No New Taxes? Then watch your city burn
2/22/08: Superhero Handbook: New Introduction
2/25/08: Newsletter #33: Democracy Run Amok!
2/27/08: Newsletter #34: Road Rage!
3/3/08: Newsletter #35: Words Don't Work
3/8/08: Philosophy #102: Chimps vs. Humans: Who's Smarter?
3/9/08: Philosophy #103: The Paradox of Protection
3/10/08: Newsletter #36: The Real Del Vecchio Damage
3/11/08: Philosophy #104: The Complainers
3/12/08: Philosophy #105: Fakery
3/14/08: Philosophy #106: Self-Deception
3/17/08: Newsletter #37: They're killing us with safety!
3/18/08: Philosophy #107: Small Town Blues
3/21/08: Philosophy #108: Management
3/24/08: Newsletter #38: Safe House Seduction
3/31/08: Newsletter #39: Las Vegas Economy: The Perfect Storm
4/3/08: Philosophy #109: The Meaning of Life
4/4/08: Philosophy #110: Quality of Consciousness
4/8/08: Newsletter #40: Secret Government Exposed!
4/14/08: Newsletter #41: Divorce Tsunami Heading This Way!
4/21/08: Newsletter #42: Teenage Insanity Explained at Last!
4/28/08: Newsletter #43: Charles & Diana's Wedding Disaster
5/5/08: Newsletter #44: The Problem of Creeping Commitment
5/12/08: Newsletter #45: Like Ships Passing in the Night
5/19/08: Newsletter #46: The New Communist Threat