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THE FAMILY COURT PROJECT HAS COME TO A CLOSE. Effective 6/1/08, Family Court Chronicles has become inactive (announcement), and no new information will be added. The page below is retained for archive purposes, but it could be out of date. Upon request, the webmaster will continue to correct significant errors and will consider removing information that is destructively obsolete. (Email: FamilyCourtGuy (at) See Glenn Campbell's home page for his still-active websites.
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The Chronicles

These are some sample chapters from a book project that was started in mid-2005 but later abandoned. (Any new book will take a different form.) Only the Introduction below might be retained.

Introduction <<== Start Here


The following unfinished chapters were developed in 2005 as the beginning of a book that was never completed. Since then, our book project has been "reengineered" and will take a different tack. We have retained the following chapters in an unfinished state because they still may be useful in explaining parts of the Family Court.

(The new book will probably center on the Glossary, so that is where we are putting most of our energy right now.)

Chronicle #1: Inside the Temple of Doom (Department D, Courtroom 11)

Chronicle #2: The Tank

Chronicle #3: A Terrible Event (Department A, Courtrooms 18)

Chronicle #4: The Trial (Department A, Courtrooms 17) (Planned)

Chronicle #?: A Morgue for Romance (Courtroom 1) (Teaser only)

Chronicle #?: How to Lose your Kids in Nevada: A Step-by-Step Guide

Chronicle #?: The Scene of the Crime (Planned)

Chronicle #?: The Barney Test or "Everything I Know About People I Learned from The Andy Griffith Show"

Because this website has been frozen, reader comments can no longer be added to this page (effective 8/3/09). If you feel that an existing comment is damaging or inappropriate, feel free to contact the webmaster regarding its removal: familycourtguy (at)

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